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Samantha Rose has worked as an aerodynamicist for ten years and uses her understanding of fluid dynamics, together with a love of ballet, to evoke a sense of fluidity and grace in her work which creates a liquid quality with her forms and finishes. The essence of her work is beautiful design, honouring nature's treasures and ethics without compromise. She has a passion for sentimental jewellery and is inspired by pieces from the Georgian and Art Nouveau eras, the Orient, ancient symbolism and the natural world, especially the soft flowing curves of flowers and the reflection of light. She strives to create the purest form of luxury.

Below is an exert taken from an interview with Inside Jeweller (27/01/2015) - We think it is a great way to learn more about what makes Samantha tick...


Born and raised?... I was born in Aberdeen and lived near Elgin. I moved to England when I was 8 years old and grew up near Oxford. I went to an international school in Gloucestershire.

Describe your jewellery in three words?... Fluid, Sentimental, Timeless (I hope!)

The sentimental aspect seems very important to you - what was the spark behind this?... A lot of people ask me where my passion for sentimental jewellery came from, so here is the story;

I was 8 years old, my Father had been away for a couple of weeks with work and I was missing him - in an attempt to cheer me up my Mother suggested that she show me her jewellery collection. (I had probably been nagging her about it for ages!) So one evening I clambered onto the end of my parents bed, I remember the room feeling really cozy with a gentle yellow light coming from the bedside lamps, the duvet cover was cream and green and the room had a faint smell of a mixture of my mum's chanel #5 and my dad's old spice and Aramis blend. Sitting in front of me were a collection of silk and velvet pouches is soft pastel tones and an assortment of leather boxes in different shapes and sizes, some looked brand new others showed the signs of time and use.

I don't know how many hours went past, together we sat there untying pouches - each one revealing a treasure. The pieces were beautiful, but what really stuck in my mind was the stories behind them and how much they meant to her. Who had given her them to her, where she had been and what she was doing or which member of my family they had previously belonged to. It was her life story up to that point through her jewellery that included places, moments, anecdotes but most of all, her emotions. 

That night was the catalyst for my love of sentimental jewellery - it made me want to design jewellery that means something to people. Jewellery that captures a precious moment, special place or important story and reminds people of it for a lifetime.

It was the first of many nights we sat together over the years, it was a wonderful way to learn about my mum and members of my family I will never meet. They are moments I will treasure forever.

Core belief?... At the root of September Rose is the passion to create conflict-free, fairtrade and traceable luxury jewellery. I strongly believe that one person's luxury should not be at the expense of another's suffering or cause damage to precious ecological systems around the world. I set up September Rose to be an ethical jewellery brand, and it quickly morphed into a traceable jewellery brand. I know the origins of every raw material I use to make every piece of September Rose jewellery (beyond reasonable doubt). Traceability is the core of my brand and I aim to create pure luxury with my jewellery.

Why did you choose Fairtrade and why is it so important to you?...My Dad grew up in Africa (Kenya) and I was quite an annoying child who wanted to know where every thing came from and how it was made. I was aware of conflict/blood diamonds from quite a young age because of this and when I came to my first collection of jewellery I started asking the same questions about precious metals as I always had about diamonds and gemstones. I started researching and found the horrible truth. Once I knew the truth there was no choice in my mind - I had to find an ethical source of metal. Determined to find an alternative, I spent month and month google-ing and sending cheeky emails to anyone I could get hold of contact details for, to try and find the raw materials for my peices that I could guarantee the providence of.

I delayed the launch of my first collection for over a year to ensure I could trust all my sources. My first pieces launch in October 2011 and were made of certified Fairtrade Eco gold from the Oro Verde artisanal mining project in Colombia and set with pink spinel from Ruby Fair's mine in Tanzania.

Jewellery is a special thing, it isn't something we need to exist, it is a luxury - it is something beautiful that makes us feel loved, cherished and evokes memories of the person that gave it to us. I think it takes the shine off all of these qualities if there is any possibility it's origins could have involved exploitation, child labour, supported conflict, working with highly toxic chemicals (which cause terrible illnesses over time) or caused irreparable damage to the environment. In 2015, none of these things should be acceptable any more (not that they ever should have been, but that's history).

When did you become a Fairtade Gold licensee?... September Rose was one of the first licensees when Fairtrade Gold launch in February 2011.

When did you become a Fairmined Gold licensee?... September Rose was the first UK based company to be awarded a Fairmined license in 2013

Where did the name 'September Rose' come from?... It's a combination of my surname (Rose) and the month in which I was born, September.

What inspires you?...My biggest inspiration is the natural world, specifically the soft flowing curves of flowers and the reflection of light. I also love the Georgian and Art Nouveau eras and exploring ancient symbolism and tradition in different cultures. I love dance - particularly ballet ( my mum trained to be a ballet dancer) - Love the grace and elegance of a ballerina's movement. I have worked as an aerodynamicist for over ten years and I aim I infuse my jewellery with my understanding of fluid dynamics to give my forms and finishes a liquid quality.

Your favourite flower?...   Completely impossible to choose one flower! This changes with my mood, the season - where I am.... but some of my favourites are; blossom, it is so beautiful and it is the first sign of true spring for me - there is so much symbolism to these beautiful, yet fragile flowers. Calla lilies are beautiful for their sweeping, flowing curves and their purity of form. Camellias for their vibrant colours and the memories they evoke of playing music at school with friends in an old Camellia house. Roses of course - because of their deeply rooted links to romance and my family name. I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.

Most influential / iconic person?...  That's a tough question, and impossible to choose just one! My parents are hugely influential to me as a person. My Art teacher from school, Mrs Phillips and Charles Rennie Machintosh are probably my biggest artist influences. In terms of most iconic person, this has to be Aung San Suu Kyi. I admire her strength and uncompromising morals despite the personal losses she had to endure.

Favourite TV show?...  I love period dramas and detective thrillers, current favourites are The Musketeers, Poldark and Sherlock. 

Favourite book?... I love to read! I love anything written by Jane Austin, Philippa Gregory and Sarah J Mass. I have to mention Harry Potter as well as I grew up with the series and have so many happy memories attached to it.

Favourite band/music?... I have a very eclectic taste in music, I love classic, heavy rock, folk, jazz, latin, film, ballet you name it! As with flowers, what music I listen to depends on my mood, the season, what I'm reading, what is inspiring me etc at any particular moment. However my ipod would suggest that there are bands/tracks I listen to more than others; The Staves, First Aid Kit, Claire Jones, Shostakovich, Vaughan Williams, Rachmaninov, Ben Howard, Daughter, The Foo Fighters...I nearly always have music on when I'm working.

Favourite artist(s)?... René Lalique, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Philippe Wolfers (His Orchid, which is displayed in the V&A jewellery gallery is probably my favourite artwork) Georgia O'Keefe, Paul Cézanne, I also love Japanese ink paintings.

Favourite city?... Vancouver, BC Canada

Favourite food?... Thai (I have my best friend to thank for this - she comes from Chiang Mai and introduced me to the delights of Thai cuisine)... oh and cake - I love cake!

What's the next place you'd like to visit?...Scandinavia - either Iceland or Norway. I love being in the mountains - the fresh air and silence is the best cure for stress. I find the mountains do a good job of putting worries into perspective.

Tea or coffee?... Herbal tea - I'm going through a berry phase at the moment, but peppermint tea is a cupboard stable!