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Fairtrade and Fairmined Ecological mark I am very proud to be a liciensee of the Fairtrade Foundation.

In order for my jewellery to be certified I have to be able to produce verifiable documentation that shows the providence of my gold at every point in the supply change. Every stage must meet the exacting standards of the Fairtrade Foundation in order to gain certification.

Pieces that have the mark had achieved this status and mean that the miners have all recieved a fair price for their efforts and are working in safe conditions. A premium will also be paid to the miners which is a percentage of the sale value. This Fairtrade and Ecological premium must be invested back into the community.



Jeweltree Foundation LogoI am also very proud to be a licensee of the Jeweltree Foundation which like the Fairtrade Foundation certifies the providence of raw materials. They certify, gold, silver and gemstones.

The Jeweltree Foundation aims to promote FREE trade for small artisanal miners and mining cooperatives and help them with easy and direct access to the international market, market information and new developments. We certify and promote their products, assist them in getting the highest possible market price and where possible, additional premiums.
We also promote transparency and international best practice standards within the industry.